Sandra and Barry Mills left with a smile and “Joy to the World” on their lips after seeing the Christmas Feast Dinner Theatre show called, ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside.’

Summerside couple ring in the spirit of the season with ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’

A reporter and her boyfriend go undercover to get the inside scoop of the annual Baby It’s Cold Outside televised fundraising raffle, but in the process, they get tangled in the show.

There’s a little naughty with the curmudgeonly character, Chris Ringle, the television host. But in the end, there’s no Scrooge-like aversion to Christmas. Good old values of gratitude, humility, honesty, friendship, and a whole lot of nice ring through – thanks to a reporter and an ELF (Ellen Loretta Fields)!

Singing and Playing Music at Brothers2 in Summerside

Musical comedy, delicious food, and loads of fun to be had with ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside.’

Barry and Sandra Mills came to see the Christmas musical comedy by the Feast Dinner Theatre called ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside,’ for their Salvation Army party comprised of 20 members.

“We’ve been to the Feast Dinner Theatre before – and the shows have all been incredible – but this one really stood out to us. The actors involved the audience with their improvisation, and I was often the subject,” said Barry while acknowledging this was his favourite part of the evening entertainment.

Audience members had a chance to win fun raffle prizes, and the immersive experience encapsulated all the difficulties and drama of Christmas – with added hilarity and a little absurdity.

Sandra said, “The cast were awesome! We laughed so much that we’ll still be smiling all the way home.”

During the entertainment, a full Christmas buffet was served with traditional turkey and ham. A delicious cheesecake followed for dessert, and a choice of coffee or tea.

But while the food filled the belly, it was the music that touched the soul for this couple.

The incredibly talented cast performed beautiful classic Christmas songs to rollicking celebrations of ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ to thoughtful meditations.

“Jeremiah was a bullfrog (song “Joy to the World”) took us back to the 1970s and really resonated with us. Our heads were nodding, toes were tapping, and we were singing along,” said Barry.

The couple concluded, “It was great the cast included the audience because it made the experience more meaningful and real to us. And, we can’t wait to see the summer production next year.”

Shows are on select nights at Brothers 2 restaurant in Summerside until Dec. 21. The Rodd Charlottetown runs until Dec.22. To book call 902-436-7674 (Summerside) and 902-629-2321 (Charlottetown).

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