Knock-out success

Rae Carter, from the left, Denise Richard, Astella Mallais and her husband Pat, said the Summerside Feast production was “very entertaining.” Summerside’s Feast Dinner Theatre stars align to shine on stage There’s an ear-splitting cackle that sends tables erupting in...

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Infectiously entertaining

Mike Allison, the writer of We Are the Champions, teaching the cast harmonies from the gentle strum of his guitar. Get ready for sparks, chemistry, and rousing musical numbers with Feast There are smiles on faces and a dance in the audience’s step after being...

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Channeling characters

Sid Acharya, from the left, Adam Bassett, and Grace Blacquiere form three of the Feast Dinner Theatre cast of six for We Are the Champions. Not pictured are Mitch O’Blenis, Sarah Eddie, and Josée Champoux. Summerside’s Feast cast ready to break free on stage with ‘We...

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Rising country music star – Where Are They Now?

Feast Dinner Theatre helped pave the road to success for Summerside native Alli Walker. We’re pretty sure you’ll dig Alli Walker’s ‘Conscious Country’ and ‘Mindful Music’ style. This singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Prince Edward Island has...

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Learning the drill

Ben Aitken, from left, and Colin Kelly are put through their paces at the Queen Charlotte Armoury. Feast cast members soldier on in a show of solidarity at Queen Charlotte Armoury Marching drills, a sandbag drag, carrying at least 60 pounds of gear, are part of basic...

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There for the troops

Adam MacGregor, the musical director of the latest Feast Dinner Theatre production, will carry on the journey when no more words can be said with the use of uplifting and powerful musical numbers. Feast ready to lift spirits and serve the troops that have served their...

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Raising the roof

Tommy and Lana Dickinson, from Benton, N.B., found themselves engaged from beginning to end with the Charlottetown cast of ‘Up in Smoke.’ 'Up in Smoke’ cast get thunderous applause with parting song Not only were the vocal harmonies of the ‘Up in Smoke’ Charlottetown...

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Once seen, never forgotten

Among the ‘Up in Smoke’ cast and crew are Lorraine and Walt Krahn, pictured front centre, who experienced the magic of Feast Dinner Theatre for the first time at Brothers 2 Restaurant in Summerside on Friday. First-timers discover the magic that makes Feast a...

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‘Write’ place and time

Original writer, Briane Nasimok returns to where is all began to pen the newest Feast Dinner Theatre show called, ‘Up in Smoke,’ which celebrates the milestone mark of 40 successful seasons. Penning a script becomes a transformative journey for Briane Nasimok When...

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