Once seen, never forgotten

Among the ‘Up in Smoke’ cast and crew are Lorraine and Walt Krahn, pictured front centre, who experienced the magic of Feast Dinner Theatre for the first time at Brothers 2 Restaurant in Summerside on Friday. First-timers discover the magic that makes Feast a...

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‘Write’ place and time

Original writer, Briane Nasimok returns to where is all began to pen the newest Feast Dinner Theatre show called, ‘Up in Smoke,’ which celebrates the milestone mark of 40 successful seasons. Penning a script becomes a transformative journey for Briane Nasimok When...

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Hot on their heels

An uproarious musical comedy called ‘Up in Smoke’ will have the audience dancing in their seats, as a talented cast and crew kick off the Feast Dinner Theatre season’s 40th celebrations with a bang.

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