Sid Acharya, from the left, Adam Bassett, and Grace Blacquiere form three of the Feast Dinner Theatre cast of six for We Are the Champions. Not pictured are Mitch O’Blenis, Sarah Eddie, and Josée Champoux.

Summerside’s Feast cast ready to break free on stage with ‘We Are the Champions’

There’s no stopping the Summerside Feast Dinner Theatre cast from having a good time as they bust out their storylines and musical numbers with infectious enthusiasm.

And with such a diverse cast ready to whip out cracking one-liners, sing, play, and serve, the musical comedy called ‘We Are the Champions’ is sure to be more uplifting this summer than a hot air balloon.

J. Adam Bassett, an East Coast Music Association nominated recording artist and Feast veteran of 20-years, said he’s been asked for guidance on how to channel the bravura of a character.

“Sid (Acharya) is soft-natured, but his character, ‘Freddie Jupiter,’ has loud mannerisms. After being asked, I gave some guidance on how to have swagger when walking, confidence and flamboyance,” said Basset, who plays the character Merwin Schurman.

Schurman is the host of the P.E.I. Academy Awards, which sets the backdrop of the story.

“I first performed in the Feast production called Leaving on A Jet Plane in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, 1999. After performing in numerous Feast productions, I went on to have a career in Education and lived in Nunavut for 10-years. I recently moved back to P.E.I. to continue my career as a teacher,” said Bassett.

“While school is out for the summer, it’s invigorating to step back into Feast and work with the younger cast. It’s also a lot of fun to be around my old friends in the business, Mike Allison, Sherri-Lee (Pike), and Adam MacGregor.”

Sid Acharya is a student of the School of Performing Arts in Holland College, on the Berklee School of Music pathway.

“I’ve been a musician in India for 10-years and I’m trained in Indian classical music, but I’ve experimented with various genres from around the world,” said Acharya, who is playing the Feast character Freddie Jupiter.

“Freddie is one of the most popular P.E.I. musicians (in the script). He is very confident, edging on cocky and the girls are all over him, but he’s an incredible musician,” he said.

Acharya, who kicked a course in engineering to the curb to follow his dreams as a keyboardist and composer, has performed in more than 250 classical and contemporary concerts in India.

Like Acharya, this is Grace Blacquiere’s first time performing in the Feast Dinner Theatre.

“I started as a singer and pianist for the Summerside Intermediate School band and continued to sing in Three Oaks Senior High choir and Rhythm and Blues Band. I taught myself guitar to prepare for Feast and learned to play base guitar with this cast,” she said.

“This experience has definitely opened my range of musical instruments,” added Blacquiere, who will juggle two Feast characters – Cindi Stylez and Nat Doiron.

“Cindi is the queen of style and she’s very confident and wants to be P.E.I. famous in entertainment. My second character, Nat, is very laid-back and has a country twang. Nat is already famous and a free spirit, which sometimes needs to be reined in.”

Mitch O’Blenis, Sarah Eddie, and Josée Champoux are the other three talented returning cast members.

The writer of We Are the Champions, Mike Allison said, “This is a fun musical comedy for all the ages.”

Serving up an irresistible feast is part of the whole sensory experience.

Seated dinner guests will be served freshly baked bread, including summer green salad and succulent steamed mussels. Guests will have a choice between two main entrées, Atlantic haddock or chicken chasseur with mixed local vegetables, and concluded with a heavenly chocolate brownie.

This summer Feast hosts two different productions, allowing for guests to visit both the Summerside and Charlottetown location for a completely different – but equally fun and memorable – experience.

The Rodd Charlottetown hotel, on 75 Kent Street, kicks off its production called Crazy Rich Islanders on Friday, June 21. Brothers 2 Restaurant in Summerside begins with We Are the Champions the following week on June 28.

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