Mike Allison, the writer of We Are the Champions, teaching the cast harmonies from the gentle strum of his guitar.

Get ready for sparks, chemistry, and rousing musical numbers with Feast

There are smiles on faces and a dance in the audience’s step after being infectiously entertained by the Feast Dinner Theatre cast.

Crazy Rich Islanders is hitting all the right notes – musically and emotionally – after recently opening at the Rodd Charlottetown. Music director, Adam MacGregor said it’s easy to be swept away with the youthful passion, energy, and incredible talent of the cast.

“There are always surprises in store for audiences. We are showcasing a wide range of genres and talent from our cast. Musicianship, character development, singing talent, and of course, the most important aspect – sheer entertainment,” he chimed.

“I usually try to touch on multiple genres. I’m not trying to just please everyone in a way that they hear something familiar or hear their favourite type of music. When the right song is performed, in the right way and at just the right moment, it draws everyone in and not just the people who like the song.”

MacGregor said he spends a lot of time trying to get inside each character’s head.

“Music conveys the character’s emotion in the script in different ways. There are things to consider such as tempo, major or minor keys, lyrics and what we often refer to as ‘feel.’ The ‘feel’ of a song must match or advance the moment in the script. And, I always approach music with an open mind.”

He continued, “We want people to find something familiar, but we also want to surprise audiences. If I can advance the script and give the audience something that they love in an unexpected way, I think I’m on the right track.”

Audiences can expect country music, pop, rap, ballads, as well as big vocal songs.

“We cover such a huge range of music. From Kanye to Hall and Oates, TLC to the Barenaked ladies, the music will be familiar yet surprising,” added MacGregor.

Audiences can expect Queen to Whitney Houston, Stevie Nicks to Destiny’s Child, and more for the Summerside production called We Are the Champions.

“To be in the Feast cast you really have to be a quintuple threat; sing, dance, act, play a musical instrument, and serve,” remarked Mike Allison, who penned the Summerside show.

“You have to be personable with the audience, as well as act and sing harmonies, it’s such a wide skill set that it really takes special people to do it,” added Allison.

Feast audiences range from 14 to 94 and everything in between.

“I love that we can put a show together that can be loved by everyone in the room. Everyone recognizes talent and entertainment, and when you have casts as talented as ours, there is definitely something for everyone,” concluded MacGregor.

Part of the whole sensory experience is serving up a delicious feast.

Seated dinner guests will be served freshly baked bread, including summer green salad and succulent steamed mussels.

Guests will have a choice between two main entrées; Atlantic haddock or roasted and boneless chicken chasseur, with an aromatic blend of fresh bell peppers, sweet onion, mushrooms, field tomatoes with a demi-glaze and finished with white wine. Dinner will conclude with a heavenly chocolate brownie.

Crazy Rich Islanders will be playing on select summer nights at the Rodd Charlottetown hotel, located on 75 Kent Street. And, We Are the Champions kicks off this Friday June 28 at Brothers 2 Restaurant in Summerside.

Purchase tickets online at www.ticketwizard.ca or call our box office.  Charlottetown Rodd – 902-629-2321 or Brothers2 – 902-436-7674

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