Rae Carter, from the left, Denise Richard, Astella Mallais and her husband Pat, said the Summerside Feast production was “very entertaining.”

Summerside’s Feast Dinner Theatre stars align to shine on stage

There’s an ear-splitting cackle that sends tables erupting in laughter as the character Imogen, a stereotypical grumpy old woman, hunches over the microphone and takes control as the presenter of the ‘Anncademy’ awards.

“She’s got spunk!” laughed Denise Richard, who travelled from Dieppe, N.B. for the weekend with a group of friends. Part of their visit to P.E.I. was to experience for the first time the Feast Dinner Theatre musical comedy, ‘We Are the Champions’ played in Brothers 2 Restaurant in Summerside.

“I like that character,” motioned Richard to Imogen, played by Sarah Eddie, who was disapprovingly waving her cane at the Anncademy staff while weaving around tables to the amusement of the audience and snapping back at them with witty improvisation.

Sarah Eddie, playing the elderly presenter of the Annacademy awards, from the left, and Grace Blacquiere as the character Nat Doiron, both had the audience erupting in laughter.

“The improvisation is brilliant,” chimed Richard, who was seated at Table 4.

“Some audience members were testing them (the cast) and they worked around it, which is very important in this environment,” she acknowledged.

Feast Dinner Theatre has gained a reputation for staging top musical productions for 41 seasons. There’s a real craft at play here, and the cast of We Are the Champions only enhanced this stellar reputation.

“It’s been incredibly entertaining,” remarked Rae Carter, who was among the group comprised of four and seated next to Richard. The group noted they were conveniently staying in the Quality Inn, located next door to Brothers 2 Restaurant on Water Street.

“The food is great too,” added Astella Mallais, seated adjacent. “Every cast member was brilliant – especially Freddie Jupiter,” she cheekily grinned after being swooned by the charismatic character, played by Sid Acharya.

While the audience enjoyed the snappy and current banter, storytelling, soaring musical numbers, and delicious four course feast – above all else – it was the talent of cast that really shined through.

To be in the Feast cast you really must be a quintuple threat; sing, dance, act, play a musical instrument, and serve, said Mike Allison, writer of the Summerside show.

“I think Anastasia (played by Josée Champoux) is a star. She’s a phenomenal singer and a great entertainer,” acknowledged Carter, who’s remark was met with overwhelming approval.

The character Anastasia played by Josée Champoux was announced as a “star” among seated dinner guests.

“We knew the cast would play different instruments, but it’s phenomenal how they can bounce from one to the other. It’s been very entertaining,” Richard concluded.

We Are the Champions is playing at Brothers 2 Restaurant in Summerside on select days throughout the summer. For those that enjoyed the show, there’s a second Feast Dinner Theatre musical comedy taking place in Charlottetown called Crazy Rich Islanders, playing at the Rodd Charlottetown hotel.

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