Among the ‘Up in Smoke’ cast and crew are Lorraine and Walt Krahn, pictured front centre, who experienced the magic of Feast Dinner Theatre for the first time at Brothers 2 Restaurant in Summerside on Friday.

First-timers discover the magic that makes Feast a memorable experience

Walt and Lorraine Krahn thought it was the show that counts but, discovered from the moment they stepped inside – beginning with the dinner theatre setting, to the way they were treated by performing staff – that everything around were ingredients for an unforgettable Feast Dinner Theatre experience.

“We had no idea what to expect because this was our first dinner theatre show,” commented Lorraine, who travelled with her husband from Chilliwack, B.C. across the country to P.E.I. for the first time. She continued, “To be served a four-course meal, while entertained and engaged by the cast is new to us.”

Lush harmonies and weaving instrumental notes kicked off the opening scene of ‘Up in Smoke’ at Brothers 2 Restaurant in Summerside, Friday.

“We couldn’t believe how the actors seamlessly transitioned from song to scene to server,” noted Walt.

“The motorcycle character ‘Andre’ played his part very well too. He wound up being our server, and I couldn’t believe it when he remembered my name during a scene, so I thought there was a wonderful connection that way,” he warmly smiled.

Seated dinner guests were served a choice between two main entrées of fresh haddock or chicken Florentine, preceded by freshly baked bread, an artfully arranged salad and succulent steamed local mussels.

“It’s the first time I tried mussels, and they are great,” announced Lorraine, while she acknowledged there were many firsts that became central to her enjoyment.

“I recognized all the songs, and was singing along quietly. For me the music was very meaningful because it took me back,” she reflected.

Walt added, “It’s been a wonderful evening that had us laughing, singing, and in thought. But I want to share how thrilled I was with the musical talent. The cast were all excellent and very versatile musicians. Several of them played different instruments, and I hadn’t seen that before.”

The couple came to the conclusion that the “experience” of dinner theatre can be as important as the show itself. This is the reason why Feast Dinner Theatre is Canada’s longest running production, celebrating 40 successful seasons this year.

Feast is not just a show: it’s an experience.

Walt ended with, “We will definitely be checking out the dinner theatre options back home, with the hope we will have the same experience as we did here.”

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