Jeff and Lori Orloff tick-off Crazy Rich Islanders as their ninth Feast Dinner Theatre musical comedy.

Fans of Feast Dinner Theatre travel from Montreal to see their ninth show

Susan shows no signs of slowing down with her crazy dance moves and business ideas, despite old age.

The self-proclaimed “vintage social media influencer,” played by Morgan Wagner, has jumped into a previously untapped market of content creators and influencers of a certain age. But as she whips out her cell phone and fails at technology so terribly, it’s hard for the audience not to burst into laughter.

“Susan is amazing to watch. The actress playing her is very talented,” chimed Lori Orloff.

Lori and her husband Jeff traveled from Montreal, Quebec, to see the musical comedy Crazy Rich Islanders (CRI) at the Rodd Charlottetown hotel. “We make Feast Dinner Theatre a part of our week away,” said Lori while acknowledging Crazy Rich Islanders is their ninth Feast show.

The summer production is about a couple of passionate Islanders ready to pitch their brilliant, weird and wacky business ideas to the mainland investors, who then vote on which Islander should secure financial investment.

Enter Chad (Ben Aitkin). A dude of all dudes. With a wink and a naughty grin, Chad scopes out new dating material while not sparing any of his feelings for nonchalant Amber (Kierrah Titus), the banquet server. But when it comes down to business, his inflated bubbles of ideas are easily popped.


Nothing works better than some musical motivation to inflate Chad’s (Ben Aitkin) ego. With an extra pep in his step, and without wasting any time, Chad slides over to an unexpecting guest much to her delight!

And Tommy, a hardworking and slightly inept fisherman, isn’t spared either from the loathing eye-rolls directed from the hoity-toity Eliza (Kristena McCormack), the philanthropist and chairwoman of the CRI Awards. Cue the music, as hopeless romantic Ryan (Dylan Sharp) aims his arrow towards the cutie across the room, Amber.

“The whole night I’ve been rooting for Amber because of her compelling and thoughtful business pitch,” shared Jeff.

Unlike the other pitches, Amber was not focused on the money, the price tag or the bling. She’s smart, full of great ideas, but overlooked because she works as “just a server” during the summers between university years.

“Amber is the underdog, and I always root for the underdog of the show,” said Jeff.

Music director, Adam MacGregor said while the audience will find something familiar, there will be surprises in store.

“If I can advance the script and give the audience something that they love in an unexpected way, I think I’m on the right track.”

Guests found themselves clapping, tapping, and singing to musical numbers and big vocal songs.

“We cover such a huge range of music. From Kanye to Hall and Oates, Prince, TLC to the Barenaked Ladies, the music will be familiar yet surprising,” said MacGregor.

The Montreal couple said they always have a fun night, while served a four-course feast.

“This year was no exception,” said Jeff. “There’s always good, popular music. The cast are extremely talented. There’s the humour, the love interest that goes awry, and the twist in the ending.”

Crazy Rich Islanders is playing at the Rodd Charlottetown hotel on select days throughout the summer. For those that enjoyed the show, there’s a second Feast Dinner Theatre musical comedy taking place in Summerside called We Are the Champions at Brothers 2 Restaurant.

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