Feast Dinner Theatre helped pave the road to success for Summerside native Alli Walker.

We’re pretty sure you’ll dig Alli Walker’s ‘Conscious Country’ and ‘Mindful Music’ style.

This singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Prince Edward Island has made headlines with her raw and heartfelt storytelling. And with a tip of the cowboy hat to good taste, you can relate to her lyrics about life’s hard knocks, mental and physical health struggles, and empowering messages.

Sunnier days are indeed ahead, if you don’t stop fighting till the end.

Now living in Toronto, the talented rising country star admits Feast Dinner Theatre helped her succeed.

“That summer was pivotal for me, because Feast helped me realize I wanted to do music full-time. I was able to save up money from the Feast production (Summer of 69) and move to Toronto, get an apartment, start my life, and chase my music dreams,” Walker chimed reflecting on Feast 11-years ago.

So, we whittled down questions for this Summerside native about her Feast experience. Read on:

  1. How did you become involved in the Feast Dinner Theatre? 

I auditioned in 2008 when I was 18. I had just finished my first year at the University of Prince Edward Island as a vocal major and wanted to be involved with a musical production for the summer. Feast was a perfect fit because I got to sing, act, play guitar, drums and bass.

  1. What productions were you involved in?

Summer of 69. It was so fun because I got to learn music that I had never heard before, so it was a little history lesson. Funny thing is, I love that era of music now and if I could go back in time, I would pick the 60’s and 70’s and go to the music festival called Woodstock.

  1. How did you find the audience?

Anytime an audience member really got into the show or yelled out either funny or obscure things, it was always so hilarious and fun. Feast is known for picking certain audience members and making them a part of the storyline, so when an audience member got into it, the entire night became more enjoyable. As a cast, we were always kept on our toes with improvisation.

  1. Highlights of Feast?

I got along with all the cast members well and we always hung out outside of the production, so the chemistry during the show was apparent, and we would bring our own personalities and silly nuances to each performance.

  1. Describe your role.

I sang, played drums, guitar, and bass. My favourite was drums because this is the first instrument that I played growing up, so the audience was always surprised when I got behind them and rocked out.

  1. Have any aspects of Feast ever come into play with your music career?

I learned a lot being involved in the Feast. Mike Allison did a great job of making it a supportive stage experience. Each time someone was soloing or had their time to shine, we always gave them our full attention, so the audience would give them the glory. Also, thinking on the spot when you forgot your lines or when somebody else did was a great tool to learn.

  1. What advice would you give, if any, to the new Feast cast in ‘We Are the Champions’ (Summerside production) and ‘Crazy Rich Islanders’ (Charlottetown)?

It is the best ‘job’ you can have. Getting to sing, act, and play instruments for a living is such a blessing. With Feast you can feel the camaraderie – and I made lifelong friendships, which is priceless.

Walker has a debut album ‘The Basement Sessions: What I Have So Far’ coming out in Sept. 13.

On the album is a song called Sunny Day and another called Fight Till The End. To learn more about this former Feast member – and talented country artist – visit www.alliwalker.ca

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