Calvin Edwards, from front left, and Juanita King give the Summerside Feast Dinner Theatre cast two thumbs up.

From the first song to the final bow, new Feast fan fully entertained

After seeing Feast Dinner Theatre for the first time, Juanita King is already planning her next show.

“It was fun, clever, romantic, and I found myself singing (quietly) to many of the well-known songs,” said the resident from Burlington, Ont.

“I laughed at the ADL rap performed by Anastasia (Josée Champoux) and Merwin Schurman (J. Adam Bassett) because you expect certain songs but that was so well done and unexpected,” added King, who is staying in Summerside on a one-week vacation.

There was no stopping Summerside’s Feast Dinner Theatre cast in ‘We Are the Champions’ from having a good time. Even the cranky elderly presenter of the ‘Anncademy’ awards, Imogen (Sarah Eddie) busted out a dance move with her cane.

“Imogen was so into her character, it was funny to watch, and the singer Anastasia, her voice was just incredible. But each character made the show entertaining; the rivalry between Anastasia and Cindi Stylez (Grace Blacquiere), and the eye-rolling by Merwin at the ditsy Freddie Jupiter (Sid Acharya),” said King.

“The seated Ann of Red Rooftops character (Mitch O’ Blenis) was brilliant with the song Crazy, by Gnarls Barkley. We (the audience) were searching for him when he disappeared out the room. Next thing, he bursts through the doors and bounces off the edge of the stage. It all added to the crazy drama.”

Throughout the show a delicious four-course feast was served that included a salad, mussels, a main course, concluding with a rich chocolate brownie.

“I like how the food was spread out over the show because it gave me time to digest and enjoy each dish,” said King. “I also like how our multi-talented server and cast member Freddie Jupiter remembered my name and said, ‘I had a pretty face,’ that comment made my evening!” laughed King.

King is already making plans to see her next Feast Dinner Theatre show on P.E.I. and searching for similar dinner theatre productions back in Burlington.

She was not the only one that thoroughly enjoyed the Tuesday evening performance at Brothers 2 restaurant, located on Water Street.

Calvin Edwards was collecting the casts’ autograph after the show and – small world – went back to his hometown of Burlington, Ont.

“I like the music, amazed by how many instruments they played, and I was singing along to the final song We Are the Champions,” said Edwards, who is on vacation with his family in P.E.I.

There have been over 150 Feast Dinner Theatre productions and half a million people have had the time of their lives since 1979, thanks to the founder Don Groom.

There are only two weeks left before the show ends for the summer. Call the box office at 902-629-2321 or buy tickets online at

Auditions are being held for the upcoming Christmas show, starting August 23. Call 902-432-9339 or email for more information.

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