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A talented cast of actors and musicians entertain and serve you for an engaging and fun filled night of music, comedy and great food.


Up In SmokeTemperatures are rising

Feast Dinner Theatre is ready to go ‘Up in Smoke’ for 40th anniversary season

Atlantic Canada’s longest running Feast Dinner Theatre is heating things up and reinventing the game to mark its milestone year by kicking the season off with their newest musical comedy called, ‘Up in Smoke.’ 

The show, which taps into the current political climate, kicks off with three sisters inheriting their great grandfather’s farm, including his hefty mortgage. The cash-strapped Simpson sisters decide the best way forward is to gather investments by creating a marijuana-growing operation. 

Temperatures are about to rise in this hilarious production when a banker comes looking for his money. An American hailing God, guns and Trump shows up wanting to invest, along with a Hells Angels biker that believes it’s all good for “business.” 

Will the plan for the three sisters go up in smoke or, will there be a star-spangled silver lining? 

“Nothing ever goes smoothly when six big personalities are in the room,” noted Sherri-Lee Pike, the artistic director. 

Guests will be buzzing as they recognize local themes, share laugh out loud moments, and get nostalgic as the music evokes clips from previous shows that stretch back 40 years, all while dining on an incredible new chef inspired menu. 

“Food is a big part of the experience when guests come to the show, so this year we have a chef coming specifically to switch things up. We’re going all out,” said Pike. “We also have the biggest directing team involved. Normally we have three directors, and this year we have five.”

Briane Nasimok will make a special guest appearance where it all first began. He was hired in 1978 to help develop the dinner theatre format, which opened at Summerside’s Brothers Two restaurant in 1979. Nasimok, along with owner and operator Don Groom, created the original show, The Governor’s Feast, which ran for five years.

“Looking back, the show might not have been our best, but we knew from the first performance that we had found a concept that worked, near necessarily thinking that it would last for so long,” reflected Nasimok, who helped put together ‘Up in Smoke’ to mark the special occasion.

Since the original show, there have been more than 150 productions and half a million people have had the time of their lives.

“After 40 years, we’re still going strong because of the passion, the talent and the commitment. As I look back I think about the number of brilliant performers and creators that have been through the dinner theatre. For many it was their first professional job and it meant that they learned under fire.

“Some  have gone on to performing on the major stages across the country, careers in broadcasting on air and in the writing room, winning major awards including Geminis and giving back through teaching and mentoring,” added Nasimok, who is now a well-known Canadian writer, actor and director.

“We hope that this show (Up in Smoke) touches on a lot of relevant themes that relates directly to our audience,” he concluded.

Shows run five nights a week, Tuesday to Saturday and begin at Brothers Two and the Rodd Charlottetown on June 23.

Online pre-season seat sale begins on Friday, April 13 at 10 a.m. Seat sale price: $29.40. VIP seats: $34.40. There is limited seats and availability, so book quickly.


Over 150 productions and half a million people have had the time of their lives since 1979. A Don Groom – White Rose Entertainment Inc. Production

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