We are the Champions

Playing at Brothers2 in Summerside for the 2019 Summer Show Season.

Tickets go on Sale May 1st – Show begins Friday June 28th

Formula of fame

Taste the sweet and sour side of stardom in ‘We Are the Champions’

Is this the real life? Or is this just fantasy?

We’ll soon find out as the lens of an entertainment news show dishes out all the juicy gossip and scandals behind the (fictional) creation of P.E.I.’s biggest celebrities.

Expect to be in stitches with Feast Dinner Theatre’s latest Summerside musical comedy called ‘We Are the Champions.’ Playwright Mike Allison, known as the head writer of This Hour Has 22 Minutes, does no side-stepping when he brings the drama.

“It’s set in the current day but with flashbacks to 2017 and 2018’s award shows, so we get to watch the rise (and fall) of local celebrities in their hilarious battles to break through the P.E.I. entertainment scene,” explained Allison, who is also juggling the role as the assistant director.

‘We Are the Champions’ parodies the sort of musical biopics that have been so popular recently on the big screen and is a parody of what it means to be famous on the province.

Contributed by Corey Isenor
Clockwise from the bottom is Cathy Jones, Susan Kent, Mike Allison, Trent McClellan, Mayce Galoni, and Jordan Foisy in a sketch for ‘This Hour Has 22 Minutes.’

“Guests will meet people like the ‘established musician’ who plays covers at the legion, the local ‘television star’ who has appeared in nothing but commercials, the curmudgeon who only approves of traditional P.E.I. high culture, and the up-and-coming ingenue who wants to make it big,” said Allison.

Islanders and visitors alike will be able to recognize the situations and characters, which are played by a highly-talented cast of six. The cast will play multiple character roles while they seamlessly transition from songs, instrumentals, and incredible storytelling, to serving the seated guests a four-course dinner.

Seated dinner guests have a choice between two main entrées, preceded by freshly baked bread, salad, and succulent steamed local P.E.I. mussels, concluded with dessert.

“Entertainment value is extremely high because you’re not only getting an incredible meal, but a show of music and storytelling. It’s an opportunity to be social at the same time, so you get to experience a lot of things in the span of a few hours,” said Alicia Arsenault, who is directing the Charlottetown Feast production called ‘Crazy Rich Islanders.’

This summer Feast will host two different productions, allowing for guests to visit both the Summerside and Charlottetown location for a completely different – but equally fun and memorable – experience.

The Rodd Charlottetown hotel, on 75 Kent Street, kicks off its production on Friday, June 21. Brothers 2 Restaurant in Summerside begins the following week on June 28.

2019 Summerside Cast

Mitch O’Blenis

Sid Acharya

Grace Lynn Blacquiere

Josée Champoux

Sarah Eddie

J Adam Bassett

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